Sleep talking
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Sleep talking

Also called somnoloque, sleep talking is a type of parasomnia where a person talking in his or her sleep without bearing aware of it. The person sleep talking may or may not make sense at all and the content may be vulgar or offensive to others, it may be loud and can be disturbing to listeners.

What are parasomnias?

Nightmares, night terrors, sleepwalking, sleep talking, head banging, wetting the bed and grinding your teeth are kinds of sleep problems called parasomnias.

How common is sleep talking?

It is very common especially in children where up t0 50% of children are reported to have talked in their sleep. In adults, about 5% of both men and women are reported to talk in their sleep.

  • Why people talk in their sleep?

We do not know why people talk in their sleep.

  • How do you stop sleep talking?

There are some treatments available to suppress sleep talking. A sleep doctor can prescribe medications that can suppress parasomnias such as sleep talking. Often, a medication such as Clonazepam is prescribed that can help treat parasomnias such as sleep talking.

What stage of sleep do people talk in their sleep?

Sleep talking can occur both in REM(Rapid Eye Movement) stage of sleep and Non-REM sleep.

Does sleep talking mean a person is dreaming?

It is not fully clear if the sleep talking is closely related to dreaming although it is believed that it is closely linked to what is happening in their dreams.

  • Is talking in your sleep a sign of dementia?

No. Sleep talking and dementia are unrelated.

  • Is sleep talking dangerous?

Usually not. However, if sleep talking is associated with sleep walking, it can be physically harmful if a person falls or does things that can physically harm self or others.

  • What are symptoms of sleep talking?

Other than the person engaging in often loud and disturbing sleep talking, there are no other symptoms. The person sleep talking is usually not aware of their behavior.

  • Can someone be sleep talking with eyes open?

Not usually unless a person sleeps with their eyes open.

  • W8MD Weight Loss, Sleep and MedSpa Team

    W8MD Weight Loss, Sleep and MedSpa Team

    Can melatonin cause sleep talking?

Rarely, sleeping aids such as Melatonin, Zolpidem etc are associated with sleep talking.

  • Is there something like conscious sleep talking?

Not unless a person is malingering.

  • What is the treatment for sleep talking?

A sleep physician can evaluate and treat sleep talking with medications and other behavior interventions. It is also important to rule out other sleep disorders as sleep talking maybe associated with other sleep disorders such as REM behavior disorder, other parasomnias such as sleep walking, or sleep disordered breathing such as sleep apnea.

  • Is there spiritual meaning for sleep talking?

No, from a scientific perspective although we cannot rule out.

  • Can one be sleep talking true feelings?


  • Can sleep talking reveal secrets?

Usually not. Since sleeping person is not aware of what he or she is saying, and often it makes no sense at all, it is very risky to draw conclusions from it.

What are some things you can do yourself for sleep talking?

Getting enough sleep of about 7 hours or so, good sleeping habits and staying away from recreation drug use can help.

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