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W8MD medical weight loss plan is based on the following simple principles. W8MD Physicians understand that weight loss is a complex process that needs careful monitoring by an obesity medicine physician well versed with the concepts in obesity medicine.

In order to help you lose weight, the W8MD program aims to supply the body with nutrition at a regular interval with limited calories but adequate protein and other nutrition the body needs.

The simplest way to provide the balanced nutrition at very limited calories is to use prepackaged meal replacement diet plans such as VLCD(Very Low Calorie Diet) or LCD(Low Calorie Diet) Plans. However, you can choose to prepare your own meals with instructions from W8MD.

Glycemic Index of Foods

If you were to make your own meals, the W8MD program requires you to understand the glycemic index of foods. The higher the glycemic index, the higher the demands on the body to produce insulin. Consuming high glycemic index foods can increase the risk of developing insulin resistance leading to a condition called metabolic syndrome or insulin resistance syndrome. Affecting one in three Americans, metabolic syndrome increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and a host of other conditions including increased risk of certain cancers. A list of foods with their glycemic index can be found on our website at glycemic-index-of-foods

Think protein

As we evolved as hunter’s and gatherers, we are genetically programmed to eat protein, vegetables, nuts, and fruits. As agriculture is only 10,000 years old as opposed to the age of human race, we have not fully adopted to the primarily grain based agricultural product consumption. W8MD understands this and emphasizes the fact that, when carbohydrates are supplied to the body without adequate amount of protein, it leads to fat tissue accumulation and decrease in lean body mass, insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome.

Think Low Carb

Supplying the body with high glycemic carbohydrates without adequate protein leads to insulin resistance, the root cause of metabolic syndrome leading to belly fat, risk of diabetes, heart disease and other health issues including increased risk of cancer.

Think W8MD(W’Eight’MD) for Weight Loss!

W8MD's 8 Point W8loss Plan

Here is an easy to remember and simple 8 points about W8MD physician supervised medical weight loss program.

  • 8 amazing weeks of weight loss!
  • 800-1200 calorie Meal Replacement Plans or food prepared with our instruction.
  • Walk 8000 steps a day, not counting activities of daily living.
  • Drink 8 glasses of water or more a day
  • Sleep up to 8 hours a day
  • Lose Weight and get closer to your figure 8 body! *
  • Think W8MD for Weight loss!
  • Costing as low as 8 dollars a day for 3 meals replaced, W8MD meal replacement is one of the most affordable!

Be part of the W8MD family to lose weight and live longer! *. The meal replacement is optional.

Call W8MD at 1(800)W8MD-007 to find a center near you! You have nothing to lose but your unwanted pounds!


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Fantastic Program. Truly a life changer. - Lost 100 lbs*

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